The Poker Hands that changed the future of Poker

The hands are dealt, Moneymaker looks down at 5D/4S while Farha looks down at JH/10D. The flop comes and it shows J54. Both players start making their bets and it’s time for the turn, an 8 falls on the board. The last card, the river, is turned over and both players are all in. The river is a 5, giving Moneymaker a full house, 5’s over 4’s and Farha loses out with his two pairs, J’s and 5’s. Chris Moneymaker is the 2003 WSOP Main Event Champion and winner of the largest live Poker tournament to that point. This is one of the most important Poker hands in the history of Poker and this is why: Up until this point Poker had been seen as a gamblers game, a game which only the established professionals could become really good at. But after Moneymaker proved that an accountant from Nashville could beat the best and win over 2 Million Dollars, millions of people started to play Poker online. The amount of online Poker sites started growing alongside this new found interest in Poker and the world of Poker would never be the same again. Today many of the world’s best Poker professionals, like Canadian Superstar Daniel Negreanu, battle it out online instead of sitting at casino tables. The accessibility of online Poker sites has made it easy for the best players in the world to gamble over millions of dollars every single day. The beginners, fresh to the world of Poker, are searching all over the web for places where they can play online Poker free . This is another great addition that started to develop after Moneymaker helped change the course of Poker history. Now online Poker sites offer free tournaments on a daily basis where their members can take home smaller amounts of money without having to risk any of their own. Poker games free of charge might seem a bit dubious but they’re not only real, they are great. After Moneymaker several World Champions have been crowned or, “braceleted,” at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas but none of them will probably ever have the same impact on Poker as a game and as a sport as Chris Moneymaker has had. Millions of people travel to Las Vegas every year to try their luck at the tables; Chris Moneymaker showed them all that it is possible.