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Best Female Players & Hottest and Famous Poker Women

Mar. 8, 2017

Posted by Shark under - Professional Poker Players & Poker Babes.

     Hottest Poker Babes         Shirley Rosario

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Professional poker player. She participates very much at poker tournaments, especially at the big ones like World Series of Poker and she is a rising poker star.

     Hottest poker women       Jennifer Tilly

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  Poker Professional Jennifer Tilly was born in Los Angeles. She won the Ladies No Limit Texas Hold'em event at the 2005 World Series of Poker. (beat a field of over 600 women).

     Professional poker players     Lynette Chan

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Poker Professional from Vancouver. She play online and promoting Full Tilt Poker.

     Famous poker woman           Liz Lieu

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 Professional poker player since couple last year's. She have own website and win over $160,000 for 5th place in a 36th Annual World Series of Poker no-limit hold'em event.

     Hot poker babes          Kimberly Lansing

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 She starts in World Poker Tour and she is one of the hottest hostesses to ever work for the WPT.

     Famous poker woman         Katja Thater

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  Katja Thater born 14 July 1966 in Hamburg and is a professional poker player and horse breeder. She is the most well-known poker player.

     Hot poker woman         Isabelle Mercier

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   Isabelle Mercier is pro player, she starting at the 2005 WSOP, 2004 WPT and more tournaments. So far in her relatively short tournament career she has won more than $300,000. 

     Woman in poker world         Evelyn Ng

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  Evelyn Ng is a Team Bodog professional poker player. She play since 1989.

     Famous poker players        Joanna Krupa

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She win a Trump Tower charity poker event and she is Titan poker team member.

     Hottest poker woman     Kara Scott

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She is new commentator on High Stakes Poker. Her Earnings: more than $380.000. Most famous female professional.


     Hot woman in poker      Lily Elviro Mizrachi

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  Lily Elviro is a pro and most famous player and the wife Michael Mizrachi.

     Pictures about poker babes        Vanessa Russo

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She started the World Series of Poker, several WPT and other events.

     Poker babes short review       Shannon Elizabeth

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Shannon starts in the World Series of Poker. This girl participated in Bodog charity events.

     Hottest poker players         Shana Hiatt

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World Poker Tour player, WSOP player. She like to play poker game.

     Famous poker woman           Erin Ness

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Erin has been playing since she was born. Erin Ness is a professional poker player. Successful female player.

     Woman in poker         Cyndy Violette

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Cyndy is very skillful female player. Female WSOP Poker champion.

     Hottest poker babes       Clonie Gowen

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Clonie love to play tournaments. Gowen finished TOP 10 in a World Poker Tour 2002.

     Hot poker babes          Chantel McNulty

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  She started playing 2/5 NL and she wins over 30k dollars.

     Hottest poker girls        Helen Chamberlain

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  Poker game is her passion. Helen Chamberlain is a pro and she won $400.000 at the Ladbrokes tourney.

     Professional poker players             Carmel Petresco

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  Carmel Petresco is a high stakes pro player. Girlfriend of male Player Daniel Alai.

     Famous poker girls        Brandi Hawbaker

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  Poker Professional.

     Woman who play poker         Annie Duke

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  13th place in her first run on WSOP ! She earn over 70k dollars.

     Hottest babes        Cecilia Nordenstam

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  Swedish poker pro. She participating in the EPT.

     Famous poker players        Cecilia Reyes Mortensen

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  She is one of the top ranked female player in the pro poker world.

     Hottest woman in poker         Jennifer Harman

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  One of the FullTilt Poker pro poker player.

     Poker babes         Jules Leyser

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  She is Poker Coach. One of the hottest poker babes.

     Texas Hold'em         Karina Jett

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  What it's like to be a poker professional on the tournament events ? Ask her.

     Texas Hold'em         Lacey Jones

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  She is a part of Absolute Poker card room since 2005.

     Texas Hold'em         Marianela Pereyra

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  Marianela is a model, actress, female poker player, and she was the hostess.

     Texas Hold'em         Mimi Rogers

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  Mimi is famous actor and poker player too.

     Texas Hold'em         Sabina Gadecki

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  Sabina Gadecki - Model, Dancer, Hostess, Actor and Miss Poland. I am single.

     Texas Hold'em         Sarah Bilney

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  She is professional player and hot babe naturally.

     Texas Hold'em         Tiffany Michelle

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  Started on World Series of Poker in 2008. Pro player.

     Texas Hold'em         Victoria Coren

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  Victoria Coren - Poker Player, she love to play this game.